Sunday, 15 March 2009

a new purchase! :)

Today i took a wee visit to Waterstone book shop, on the intention o n buying books for this new project (Annual Report) but instead i choose to buy this book by Gestolten - book of logos, basically i think it was more of an impulse buy to be honest, i loved the cover, and as Rhinannon did go on to us while doing the book jackets about how u can just buy a book for its cover, well this happened to me today! :)

Grow Your Own range

The aim of this brief was to attract a new target audience to gardening rather than your average garden novilsts, I choose to attract a young business couple who wouldn't be very interested in gardening, though do have a passion for cooking, hense the reason for the style of this packaging, it was more to attract them to the design rather than the gardening side at first.

Below are my final designs <3

Point Of Sale Poster and Cards

Grow Your Own

well i did say i was going to try and update this more often, as i feel this is starting to look a bit boring,


Dear blogger, y wont u let me upload my work? :(
this has made me quite upset.

We have finally finished the 'Grow Your Own' it was a rather long brief, I had some ups and downs with it and found out quite alot about fruit and vegetables and how they are actually grown, and let me tell u its not all about flinging some seeds into the ground, some interesting facts and some very boring!

So after this long dreaary period of learning about fruit and vegetables i actually feel in this project I achieved alot, I feel very happy with it, due to the fact as well I was asked to enter the D&AD Awards, which is a 1st for me, so i am rather excited about this! I am just wishing at the moment i could post my work,

Please blogger work soon! :)