Saturday, 2 October 2010

Piers Chocolate Packaging

I decided to design have some fun and design some chocolate packaging for Piers as part of my Final Major.


As part of my final major  I decided to design my dissertation as an editorial piece, My chosen subject was Subliminal Effects of Colour Manipulation in Marketing and Advertising, here are a few spreads of the final design.

University of the West of Scotland

I designed these posters for the University of the West of Scotland as part of my Placement, I am very happy with the way these turned out and so was the client. Good Times! 

Revenue Access

I was asked to design an Identity American International Bank.


I was asked to design an identity for a client setting up his own website to sell Designer Goods, It was a more extravagant ebay so to say, This is what I came up with.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Update is going to come soon! I Promise!

I have majorly majorly neglected my blog all summer.Real bad of me if im honest but I have been a very busy girl with finishing off my Final Major for University, Holidaying taking trips here there and everywhere and also getting my first big break in the  Industry as a Desktop Publisher for a firm Glasgow.

Is been a hectic time to say the least, I have lots of things I need to upload on here to show yous, but its finding the time in my busy lifestyle atm is the problem! I am setting one day next week to do this, so keep your watch this space :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Summer Exhibition - Final Year Degree Show, Contemporary Applied Arts

Its our exhibition tomorrow and its on until the 11th June. You should all get yourselves down here to see some good talent ;) 

Body Shop Campaign Posters

These are a set of Posters to reinstate the Bodyshop's position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty.

Darren Shileds Joinery & Carpentry

This was some freelance work for Mr Darren Shields, a joiner from Glasgow who was needing n identity & some advertising to get himself known for his fantastic work.

Fedrigoni Showroom Pull Out!

This is an pull-out magazine that would be featured in International Design magazine. It is a guide that informs you of "what is on" in the new London Showroom.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

So the end of university is fast approaching, it's the last two weeks and we are all finishing off our Final Majors and getting ready for the end of year exhibition, it is all so very scary and daunting that we are all going to be out in the big world of design. I have this feeling though that I am more than ready for it though! surely that's gotta be a good sign! ;) So here it is my own logo to promote myself, I had designed this at the start of the year and never really thought to do much with it, i should have posted it or something, I guess I never seen the day would come were I would be putting myself out there ! maybe I was having a wee dream to myself that I would be a student all my days.

I will soon be posting my latest work once so stay tuned :)

Friday, 30 April 2010


I designed these book covers for a well known designer HG.Wells, wasn't the most pleasant brief to do I had soo many ideas that no-one nor myself were really 100% happy with, but i finally cracked it and had a good tutorial for my final ideas. I am now happy with how my finals have turned out!


Below is a sneek preview of some of the packaging, the picture isn't the best but I sure will h ave that sorted for hand-in stage.
I have designed packaging for Detox Tea, I enjoyed this brief alot, from development stage to final printing.



I am currently working on a brief for Body Shop, I am required to create an unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop to reinstate its position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty.So I finally got down to Caldewgate today to get some letterpressing done, I hopping my days events will come in handy for this project.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Channel X

This is a logo i designed for a male tv channel, here are a few screenshots of the main logo, and buisness cards

Much fun was had with this project as its colourful and vibrant also it was the 1st project that got me back into the swing of things after the accident with my hand!

Good times indeed! :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Design Museum

I took a wee trip to London in the Summer and have jus came across these photos i had taken, these arejus a selected few of things i found interesting! :]