Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Holidays Are Coming :)

Holidays are indeed coming, and I cant wait to be back home in Glasgow :) Christmas is such an amazing and happy time, I miss Darren <3 family & friends dearly this year, This is our final year and it has being mega hectic! I promised myself back in Oct I was going to keep up to date with blogging but it just hasn't happened! :/ I have uploaded a few projects that I have been working on this year, I am having some difficulties getting everything on! I have currently been working on my website, it is a project that I completed last year but its just one of those things that I have never been happy with to put online, need it to be just PERFECT :) hopefully that should be coming soon too along with all the other masshoosive amount of work we have! Dissertation just isn't cool over the Christmas Holidays! boo!

I absolutly love the coca cola advert its one of those things when u see it u just know its Christmas Time!

EXCITING TIMES!!! Roll on Tuesday :)

ZEST Harbourside & Restaurant

This was my 2nd brief of the year, I was asked too re-design the identity of the Zest Restaurant & Harbourside Restaurant, This is my logo, and a few bits of stationary to go along with it :) I was really happy with the outcome of my designs for this brief. All comments are welcome good or bad!
Zest Restaurant Compliment Slips and Buisness Cards.

Zest Harbourside Menu

Zest Restaurant Menu.

Pod Posters & Postcards.

A few postcards that are mailed out to designers advertising the new font POD!

These are a few posters I designed as part of my typography project :)