Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Yes it is over!

Handed my dissertation in today with 2 days to spare!

Such a great feeling! Hope the results are good :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

What has being going on these past months!

Hi all! the last time i wrote on this was before christmas just as I was handing my work in! Well what a drama is the least to say! that tuesday we all got our gladrags on and went out to celebrate the festive season starting, It was great and such a relief to be finished for the holidays! We had this horrible icey cold snowy weather & I slid on a pavement and my right hand went down on a glass! Yea it was pretty nasty i tore the majority of the ligaments and tendants in my right hand, now for a designer you can imagine this is pretty awful and traumatic! I am on the mend tho, and celebrating today finally having my cast off! :) and hopefully my hand will get better in no time :) I am keeping positive about the whole situation as i feel its the best way to be in life!

over christmas all my projects and dissertation were on hold... so now that I am on the mend i am working mega hard to catch up with everyone! My wee left hand has being doing overtime these past few weeks! But I know it will all be worth it :)

above is a present Darren gave me when I was going to the hospital! It makes me laugh & Its also a memory that I think I'l keep forever!

Can't beleive the nurse actually gave the nurse a cast to match mine :D